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Book review: “Rarity” by D.A.Roach

25674851Title: Rarity
Author: D.A.Roach
Genre: Romance / Young Adult / Contemporary
Publicated: June 5th, 2015 by Limitless Publishing
Pages: 180 (Paperback)
Book: Provided by the author
My rating: 7/10
Reading time: 2016 June 14 – July 6

Brogen Mathers can’t deal with teen drama… As an empath, she is constantly bombarded with other people’s energies. Despite coping techniques taught by her psychologist mother, it’s often too much to bear, forcing her to avoid most activities a typical high school junior would enjoy. Jay Wilken won’t let his past define him… A dead mother and an alcoholic father brought Jay to Stanton, but he doesn’t want pity. His good looks, charisma, and friendly nature quickly win over the whole student body, but he has his eye on one girl…Brogen. Brogen can’t believe anyone could be so genuinely nice. It has to be an act, right? But when Jay literally saves her from deadly jaws, she has to admit he’s exactly what he appears, and he’s worth risking the potential emotional upheaval. “Drama” might as well be Becca Grant’s middle name… Another newcomer to Stanton, Becca’s blonde beauty and abundant attitude shoots her straight to the top of the popularity charts—and she believes Jay belongs right there beside her. Accustomed to getting exactly what she wants, she launches a relentless mean-girl campaign to shake up Brogen and claim Jay for her own. Everything changes with a devastating diagnosis… When Jay learns he has a rare and potentially fatal disorder, he keeps it secret and begins to push Brogen away to spare her future pain—which is exactly the sort of opening Becca is waiting for. As Jay’s well-meaning deception unravels, Brogen realizes there is much more than her heart at stake… But how far is she willing to go to fight for someone she loves?

*spoiler alert*

I can’t believe I’m only writing this review now. I read this book in June and now is January. Talking about bad memory… However, better later than never, so here it is!

First thing that I can say is that I wish book would have been longer. screenshot_20170114-130655Things felt a bit rushed or even forced. I hoped for more natural the sequence of events. Especially because the idea of the “Rarity” is great! I was really excited to read it and definitely not regretting that I did.

I was impressed by D.A.Roach idea to make Brogen an empath. It was really new thing for me to find in a fictional book. It was one of the main things why “Rarity” got my attention in the first place. It’s just such a different point of view when main character not only try to understand other people, but she can also feel them. It just… I would like to be able to do the same thing, even if often it’s overwhelming. But that’s the point. How Brogen deal with that – makes you admire her. And yet, even I liked her (despite some stupid choices she made) and I really liked Jay (mean Jay I liked much more that cute and puffy) – I wasn’t such a big fan of the story line rush.

I wanted to get closer with characters, see more of they life and personalities. However, book is only 180 pages, so things happened fast and at some places not very natural. For example, car accident for me felt.. Well, I didn’t felt it at all. It just happened, people almost died, but I wasn’t able to feel a damn thing. I wanted more suffering, so happy moments would feel more… happy. I believe that in longer version author would make this story epic! It has such a great potential that I still liked it, even if it didn’t sounded like that.

I want to add that epilogue was sweet and beautiful. Probably, the best part of the books, because sometimes you just need a happy ending. And yet, I felt the same feeling about things being rushed. Not in the epilogue, but in all school years events. I didn’t actually saw them falling in love. Or at least I didn’t felt it. The only scene that really got me excited was the rabid dog party. Jay impressed me with that one a lot!

screenshot_20170114-130602I must admit, I feel like I said too many bad things about this book. But don’t think it’s a bad book. It’s just that I love details. I love to know everything about characters and feel connected to them and feel connection between them. “Rarity” is definitely worth of attention and should get a chance. If anyone want fast love story with drama and rabid dog – choose D.A.Roach book. It should fit 😉


  • ,,Things always looked different the next day. Skies seemed bluer, the grass was greener. The worries of yesterday were magically reduced to a manageable size, and brand new ideas and thoughts were born.”

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  1. Found you on Goodreads (Blogger over at The Bohemian Housewife)

    I just wanted to know what chronic illness the character has? I have a chronic illness and I’m trying to find more fiction books along those lines.


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