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Something new and with my favourite number!

Hello my dearest, sweetest people, who still remember this blog or just found it!

I have been away from this place for quite some time, because I was thinking about changing to some other. However, like you see, I have decided to stay and wake this baby up. I love blogging! I prefer Instagram & Goodreads (I’m always active there), but I need more place to express myself. So, here I am again 😊 

I plan on several new things that would make blog more interesting and active. First of them actually even includes my favorite number, which is “13” for many years now 😎 To put shortly, it will be interviews with published authors and I have named the column “13 questions”.

Some details that might be interesting at the moment:

  • Most of the questions will be the same with every author, but some will be changed every time.
  • You will actually get a change to ask something as well. I will publish the name of the author a week before the interview will reach the daylight. In that time I will accept your questions and give them to the authors.
  • Interviews will be published every week + they will be found under tag #13questions & on the drop menu of “Bookish adventures” in the place named “Interviews”.

For know this is all the news. It’s really exciting for me, authors that I have reached out to seems to feel the same way. So, I just hope that you will enjoy this as much as we do! πŸ’

The last thing to say is that the first author is J.F.Johns and first interview will be published today or tomorrow. It’s not the week I promisedon’t, but only because it’s first time.

Have any more questions? Β Go for it and ask πŸ˜‰


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