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13 questions with Arnulfo Cantarero!

Hello there! I hope you are having a nice day!

Arnulfo Cantarero with his book

As for me. Well, I know I had to post this interview yesterday. And yet, as I mentioned in my IG story last night – it was a really hard day, so this post had to wait.

For now I won’t tell you much about Arnulfo Cantarero, but you must know that he is amazing human being and that English is a second language for him just like for me. So, I think it’s really impressive that Arnulfo was able to write and publish a book in a language that he learned. You can know more while reading these 13th questions I had for him 😉

1. What have you written so far and why you think it’s worth of reading?

My only published book so far is Emotions with its sequel on the way. The main reason I believe my books are worth reading is that they are original, different from most of the stuff I’ve read.
I’ve always been an avid reader, but I’ve noticed that a lot of modern books seem to follow a certain formula and I wanted to get away from that. Emotions is a prime example of this. I want to take the reader to a brand-new place and leave them wanting more with a smile on their face.

2. Do you have any habits which helps you to write?

While some writers listen to music, I prefer to have the TV on. More than once, I’ll see something and it’ll give me new venues in which to develop the story. I won’t say just how many scenes were inspired by a TV episode or a movie. Naturally, what I end up with doesn’t resemble what I saw, sort of seeing a potato and ending up with a barbecue.

3. When do you feel the most yourself?

I have to say, this is one of the most unique questions I’ve even been asked. Watching a documentary (like right now) and in front of a keyboard would have to be it. I’m 100% myself since I’m learning about things that I find interesting (civilizations that disappeared without a trace right now, for example) and writing.

4. How your birth place has influenced your texts?

Placing my stories in different locales around the world, as I lived in many different places while growing up. For example, Emotions takes place in central America, the United States, India, and the great barrier reef to name a few.  The sequel takes place in even more locales. It also influenced by having diversity with my characters, something I’ve noticed is lacking in many of the books I’ve read.

5. How have you decided which genre is the one that you want to concentrate your books about?

YA science fiction all the way. I find writing other genres kind’a boring as I start thinking “You need alien tech in here” Or “what, no genetic engineering” or hell “Phasers on stun!” whenever I tried to write something a bit more contemporary.
My imaginations soars with the more interesting things that could happen in our world, we get enough normality from the real world as it is.
My copy of “Emotions”

6. I’m sure that you set some goals before publishing your first book. Which of them have you accomplished by now?

You better believe it! I wanted people to share their opinions about my first book, and they have, both on Amazon and goodreads not to mention being a part of more than one book discussion. I had one of my readers create a hashtag for it (#teamJason), and that in itself made me realize that the book had had an impact. My ultimate goal is to  one day become a full time writer and being able to say “My office is fifteen meters from my bedroom” I hope to achieve this last one soon enough, and then write a book every six months or less.

7. The week is almost over, it’s Sunday evening. What do you do to relax and get ready for the new week?

A giant dinner and a movie with my wife. Not the healthiest of habits, but watching a good movie (or binge watching a TV series) and having a good time. I do like to take a bath as well, with a giant bath bomb. I love the way they fizzle away, and the water takes on the color. If I’m going to put something in the water, I want to make sure I can tell what the scent is.

8. Who could you say it’s your inspiration in life?

My mom. She can do anything. I know, I’m a mama’s boy in that regard, but so are Superman and Batman (well, according to the latest movies anyway). I could write a book about her exploits, but alas, no aliens or phasers would be in it, so it won’t be done anytime soon.

9. What is that one thing that you are not afraid anymore?

Bullies. Being a reader, and a complete nerd, in a Latin American country back in the day was an open invitation for being bullied. These days, I can shout to the four winds that I’m a huge nerd, and most people notice this shortly after meeting me. If anybody tries to bully me now (yup, even as an adult) I usually just laugh at them, and the situation is usually diffused rather quickly. Humor is a powerful tool when it comes to disarming a situation.

10. For what kind of food you could never say “no”?

Oh gosh, where do I start! I love food, but alas, if I must pick just one, I’d say burgers. I know, it’s kind’a of a cliché, someone living in the United loving hamburgers, but it’s such a versatile food (you should see the menu from the local mom and pop restaurants), and you can’t go wrong. Don’t think fast food, that’s too easy, but I’ve eaten some burgers that will put some fine cuisine to shame. Now, if someone asks me to choose between good sushi or a burger, I’ll take the sushi, but you have to be careful with Sushi, not so much with burgers; they’re  hard to mess them up.

11. Do you still remember the moment when you were told that your book will be published?

Everyday. I kept checking Amazon every other minute until I finally saw it online. When I got the paper proof, I couldn’t believe my name was on it. Not that I cried or anything, but I did giggle like a little girl.

12. Can you share any small secret about your books that people might not know?

Without the usual “I’d love to tell you, but then I’d have to shoot you?” I have an unpublished book which contains a lot of spoilers as to what happens to the Emotions gang. However, it’s far from being published as it would make all present books prequels and I’m not too keen on those.

13. Could you film few seconds long video and just say something positive to your readers?

Of course!  😊

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