About Me & Love For Books

I’m 22 year old weirdo, who also happen to be a bibliophile and book reviewer from Lithuania.

I 20161220_192256found my great love for books when I was about 12-13 year old and since then I can’t imagine my live without reading. One of the best thing about being a bibliophile for me is going thru all those different world and meeting so many amazing people. And I don’t mean just fictional characters. I have real people in mind – bookaholics like me. Moreover, I enjoy every chat and contact with authors of all kind of books. So for more than two years I enjoy bookish life in Instagram under #bookstagram hashtag and when that wasn’t enought I joined Goodreads and now I decided to expend my views and start a blog.

I hope you will like in here πŸ˜‰

E-Mail: myreadingtim@gmail.com

If you want to reach out directly, fill the form bellow


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