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13 questions with Arnulfo Cantarero!

Hello there! I hope you are having a nice day!

Arnulfo Cantarero with his book

As for me. Well, I know I had to post this interview yesterday. And yet, as I mentioned in my IG story last night – it was a really hard day, so this post had to wait.

For now I won’t tell you much about Arnulfo Cantarero, but you must know that he is amazing human being and that English is a second language for him just like for me. So, I think it’s really impressive that Arnulfo was able to write and publish a book in a language that he learned. You can know more while reading these 13th questions I had for him πŸ˜‰

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What can you expect on Tuesday

Hello my dearest book addicts!

Yesterday I posted my first interview with an author J.F.Johns. I know I have a lot to improve, so you opinion matters a lot to me. So don’t be shy and comment whatever is on your mind. Because from now on you will get an interview everyΒ Tuesday, until none of the authors will want to talk with me! But let’s hope that won’t happen πŸ˜…

Β Until then I welcome everyone to participate in these interviews. I have 13 questions for every author, but you can add some of yours. Next Tuesday I will post an interview with Arnulfo Cantarero, author of sci-fi story “Emotions“. So, if you have any questions for him – feel free to ask in the form bellow or contact me via email πŸ˜‰

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13 questions with J.F.Johns!

Hello there!

This is my first EVER interview with an author!

Jazmin Fernandez Johns

And not with any author, but with a really sweet and kind person J.F.Johns. Did you knew her full name is Jazmin Fernandez Johns? Also that by age 23 this girl have accomplished some impressive stuff? But you can found that information in the author introduction on Goodreads. The most important thing for us is that Jazmin published not one or two books in the past year, but three! Three dystopia books that must be read! She even got a tattoo to honor writing and books. But for now let’s get to the 13 questions that I had for her πŸ˜‰

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Something new and with my favourite number!

Hello my dearest, sweetest people, who still remember this blog or just found it!

I have been away from this place for quite some time, because I was thinking about changing to some other. However, like you see, I have decided to stay and wake this baby up. I love blogging! I prefer Instagram & Goodreads (I’m always active there), but I need more place to express myself. So, here I am again 😊 

I plan on several new things that would make blog more interesting and active. First of them actually even includes my favorite number, which is “13” for many years now 😎 To put shortly, it will be interviews with published authors and I have named the column “13 questions”.

Some details that might be interesting at the moment:

  • Most of the questions will be the same with every author, but some will be changed every time.
  • You will actually get a change to ask something as well. I will publish the name of the author a week before the interview will reach the daylight. In that time I will accept your questions and give them to the authors.
  • Interviews will be published every week + they will be found under tag #13questions & on the drop menu of “Bookish adventures” in the place named “Interviews”.

For know this is all the news. It’s really exciting for me, authors that I have reached out to seems to feel the same way. So, I just hope that you will enjoy this as much as we do! πŸ’

The last thing to say is that the first author is J.F.Johns and first interview will be published today or tomorrow. It’s not the week I promisedon’t, but only because it’s first time.

Have any more questions? Β Go for it and ask πŸ˜‰